Giving Women makes an impact on the lives of women and girls in need through project support. We work in many different areas depending on the needs of our projects. These areas may include

  • Capacity building (e.g. transfer of knowledge, skills or technical procedures to reinforce staff capacity to reach project goals)
  • Technical support (e.g. collaboration with the Project Owner to develop business or communication strategies, to design promotional or other communication materials, to review or to develop M&E tools or systems, etc.)
  • Practical advise (e.g. governance issues, legal queries, networking support, etc.)
  • Other forms of non-monetary support such as developing a fundraising strategy.

As a member of Giving Women, you have the opportunity to actively contribute to a project by joining a Project Circle (PC). A Project Circle is made of a Giving Women Coordinator and Giving Women members, who are interested in working towards specific objectives for approximately one year.

We invite organisations to submit their projects. Eligible projects will undergo a screening process in accordance with Giving Women’s selection and evaluation criteria. The selected projects are then presented to our members at a Project Evening, where Project Circles are formed.
Giving Women is not a grant maker. Although many of our Project Circles have raised funds for the projects they support, we give priority to projects to which our members can contribute their time, expertise and skills.


Organisations are invited to submit their projects, if they would like to receive professional support from Giving Women. We organise two selections rounds per year – in May and November. Please read our project selection process and criteria. If you think your project is eligible, please fill send your application to

Application deadlines 2019
1st round: 11th of February
2nd round: 5th of August

Project Description

Violence que faire focuses on preventing and sharing information about violence in relationships, as well as giving support to the affected women.

The Project:

Violence Que Faire gives support to all those who are affected by violence in relationships (to the victims, actors, relatives and teenagers) through its website, which includes detailed information on violence, its various forms, its consequences, but also on legal issues and on ways of preventing it.
Apart from this, women have the possibility to anonymously call the organisation to get professional support and advice by phone.

How GW can give:

1- Support in monitoring and evaluation

2- Creating a governance strategy

3- Helping the organisation to scale


Location: Geneva
Founded: 2006


Project Description

ASUMIR works with immigrant women (with work permits) in Geneva to get their trainings recognized, find jobs or start independent work, so as to avoid that they remain unemployed, underemployed or vulnerable. This also target Swiss citizens returning from abroad who struggle to reintegrate and build networks for reintegration.

How: CV support, language classes, interview rehearsals, support to have foreign diplomas recognized, coaching, professional trainings and short-term placements.


How GW can give:

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project gives support in:

1- Communications (e.g. website, films, flyer/handout).

2- Knowledge management and growth management strategy.

3- Broaden network.

4-Financial sustainability strategy.


Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Founded: 2007


Project Description

Mission: Action for Development's mission is to help communities to achieve their own development goals. AfD has for many  been supporting  the development of a basic health system in Afghanistan. Its main objective is to improve the health of mothers, newborns and children in Afghanistan and reduce the maternal and infant mortality rates , expanding the access to family planning and hygiene and promoting the empowerment of women, strengthening their skills and competences.

The project: The project "Intensive training to improve the skills of midwives on the most common complications during a pregnancy and childbirth, as well as on their diagnosis and treatment" seeks to reduce mothers' and child' morbidity and mortality in the rural areas of the Province of Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

How: The program will consist of 2 phases: During the first phase 18 midwives and 2 healthcare officers will be trained in Bamiyan. During the second phase each of those women is going to train other 5 women in their local health centres. The objective is to train 110 midwifes.

How GW can give: Giving Women supports this project in Monitoring & Evaluation, in improving their fundraising strategy and in communication.



Location: Afghanistan
Founded: 2011


Project Description

Enfants et Développement seeks to develop partnerships with local stakeholders in order to promote, support and facilitate access to basic quality services for children, for the youth and for disadvantaged families while paying special attention to girls and women.

The project: The project presented to Giving Women seeks to reduce all forms of violence against women (physical, psychological and economic) in Dhading, Nepal, using strategies to influence men and the youth in order to change their behavior with women.
Being at the epicenter of the 2015 earthquakes, the project priorities shifted in response to baseline feedback emphasising the need to support improved access to education, literacy and economic empowerment for women.

How GW gives: The project has adapted to the local realities following the earthquake, and E&D requests support articulating the new strategy, creating new programme management and eventually Monitoring and Evaluation tools to reflect it. Some of the economic empowerment activities could benefit from marketing and communications support as well.


Location: Dhading District, Nepal
Founded: 1901, but in Nepal since 2001

Project Description

Zero Mothers Die aims at saving the lives of pregnant women as well as new mothers through the systematic dissemination of mobile technologies to increase their access to healthcare and information to have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

The project: Zero Mothers Die is a global initiative by an innovative public-private partnership to save the lives of pregnant women, new mothers and their newborns by employing a comprehensive approach to improving maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) through the systematic use of ICTs and mobile health.

How GW gives:

1- Support in monitoring and evaluation;

2- Support in improving the business and financial strategy;

3- Replication of the financial collaboration with private clinics in Geneva and other places to support innovation for maternal health.


Location: Worldwide
Founded: 2012   

Project Description

Camp Group uses sports and education to equip underserved girls and young people with the tools to build resilient and active communities through research and tested practices.

The project:

The RespAct project consists of a series of educational modules which support the development of self-confidence, resilience and responsibility for their local area in girls and young people who face social exclusion due to discrimination based on ethnicity, refugee-status, religion, nationality or economic status. Respect challenges social norms about the ways that education can be delivered to at-risk children by combining sports, education and technology training.



The RespAct project brings together a series of approaches and techniques to empower young people to actively participate in their local communities. It uses elements of boxing to improve discipline, self-confidence, body-language, use of the voice and assertiveness amongst participants.
They work through discussion units with participants to develop feelings of mutual respect and increase both self- and group-efficacy, strengthened through role-play games which also develop empathy skills.


How GW can give:

1- Finding ways to implement the project in Switzerland.

2- Creating a fundraising strategy.

3- Strategic planning for scaling up.


Location: Germany
Founded: 2012

Project Description

Uniref's mission is to allow new and old refugees in UNHCR refugee camp to become socially and financially independent from international humanitarian aid.

The Project: Providing free gender-balanced quality and relevant vocational training and tertiary (university level) education to those who have been displaced by armed conflicts and live in UNHCR refugee camps.

How GW gives: The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project supports Uniref in:

1- Advocacy, partnership building among international organizations in Geneva.

2- Improving communication materials including the website and social media.

3- Governance support.


Location: Burundi
Founded: 2013

Project Description

Caméléon is an International Solidarity Association, which helps victims of child sexual abuse and disadvantaged youth and their families.

It acts on behalf of:

1- Protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of child victims sexual abuse, and social support for their families.

2- Education, health employability and independence of disadvantaged youth and their families.

3- Awareness of the rights of the child, the prevention of child abuse and sexual abuse advocacy with communities, institution and policy makers and media.


How GW can give:

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project gives support in:

1- Developing better governance: strengthen and stabilise the team.

2- Increasing the visibility of Caméléon Switzerland.

3-Building skills for strategic development by supporting Caméléon Switzerland's members in the drafting of funding applications and in the development of new partnerships.



Location: Philippines
Founded: 1997