Project Description

Mission: Save the lives of pregnant women as well as new mothers through the systematic dissemination of mobile technologies to increase their access to healthcare and information to have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

The project: Zero Mothers Die is a global initiative by an innovative public-private partnership to save the lives of pregnant women, new mothers and their newborns by employing a comprehensive approach to improving maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) through the systematic use of ICTs and mobile health.

How: Zero Mothers Die targets 100.000 pregnant women at high risk, by leveraging the project’s systematic distribution of mobile technology solutions in order to deliver pertinent pre- and post-natal MNCH information and services to the right women at the right time. They also seek to build the capacity of healthcare workers in the area of MNCH using ICT’s as well as digital tools content, including the Zero Mothers Die App.

The support of Giving Women

  • Support in monitoring and evaluation
  • Support in improving the business and financial strategy
  • Replication of the financial collaboration with private clinics in Geneva and other places to support innovation for maternal health

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Location Worldwide
Founded 2012