Giving Women is an amazing organization of incredibly diverse and talented women committed to donating their efforts to help Women and Girls around the World and in Geneva.

The opportunity to meet other interesting women and learn and grow in a philanthropical and social evolution context is deep and broad and very inspiring.

I have been a member of GW since its start & continue to be grateful for the opportunities ” to give” in my own special way and to receive in so many more ways…

Thank you GW for the incredible network you have built & the wealth of experiences you continue to provide for your members & for recipients of your guidance — WholeHearted Kudos!


Megan Paterson-Brown

Adjunct Faculty Professor Psychology, Webster University



Access to a network of women involved in philanthropy


Unlimited access to educational workshops and events on philanthropy and women’s and girl’s empowerment


Collaborate with like-minded women in supporting and contributing to Giving Women events


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Join our events: luncheons, conferences, workshops, film-screenings and informal gatherings where we meet, discuss and exchange ideas and knowledge


Directly support and work with carefully selected Giving Women Projects by joining a Project Circle


Actively contribute to the work of Giving Women by joining one of our working groups


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Our membership is open to women who wish to share their experience, network, skills, generosity and knowledge to affect projects for and by women. You do not need to be an expert to join, just the commitment to improve the lives of girls and women globally. With Giving Women you will have the opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge and skills to improve your effectiveness as a philanthropist.

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I have been an active member of Giving Women over the last 5 years. Joining the group has given me a concrete opportunity to help people in need by leveraging my 25+ years of working experience in the financial industry.

What do I get from my involvement on project circles ?

  • An opportunity to live the values driving Giving Women, i.e. giving back, caring, sharing and working together to help the projects we support to make a bigger impact!
    Each project circle is an incredibly dynamic, professional and inspiring group made of women coming from many different backgrounds and cultures, but all genuinely keen to contribute, to openly share, to deliver together high quality results.
  • A dynamic, professional and evolving platform
    The Giving Women association constantly provides/develops tools to support the members involved on projects circles to be better equipped in serving the projects and NGOs.
  • Last but not least, a source of inner wealth !
    Working with individuals in the projects and NGOs who devote themselves passionately to humanitarian causes to help change the world is an incredible lesson that fills me with humility and admiration and I am very proud to add my limited contribution to it !
Concetta Caruso

Independent Philanthropist

At Giving Women I have the possibility to share my professional experience in support of women and girls in need, and meet inspiring, likeminded women

Katharina Viana-Bachman

Vice-Managing Director & Head of Fundraising and Communication, Vivamos Mejor