Project Description

Mission: Camp Group uses sports and education to equip underserved girls and young people with the tools to build resilient and active communities through research and tested practices.

The project: The RespAct project consists of a series of educational modules which support the development of self-confidence, resilience and responsibility for their local area in girls and young people who face social exclusion due to discrimination based on ethnicity, refugee-status, religion, nationality or economic status. Respect challenges social norms about the ways that education can be delivered to at-risk children by combining sports, education and technology training.

How: The RespAct project brings together a series of approaches and techniques to empower young people to actively participate in their local communities. It uses elements of boxing to improve discipline, self-confidence, body-language, use of the voice and assertiveness amongst participants.
They work through discussion units with participants to develop feelings of mutual respect and increase both self- and group-efficacy, strengthened through role-play games which also develop empathy skills.


Location Germany
Founded 2012